When Kelvin first came to The San Miguel School Providence, the shy fifth-grader faded into the background, unsure of his new school and unaware of the great potential that lay within him.

Three years later, this same student’s photo is displayed in the school’s main entrance with a title that he carries proudly: “Miguel Man of the Week.” Now in his eighth-grade year, Kelvin shines as a leader among his peers, a boy who has blossomed into a confident young man with incredible resolve. A talented athlete, artist, and fisherman, Kelvin is looked up to as a role model by all of his San Miguel ‘brothers,’ who elected him as their Class President earlier this year.

He is also a leader on the soccer and baseball fields, a top scorer on each team while setting an example of good sportsmanship and unwavering effort. In addition to athletics, Kelvin has been involved in the ‘Arts Alive!’ program at La Salle Academy in Providence, and has devoted numerous Saturdays to service through City Year’s Young Heroes program.

Kelvin’s story is one of growth and determination. He has embraced the opportunities presented to him at San Miguel, and is looking to the future with his sights set on a private high school education. Taking what he has learned at San Miguel, Kelvin is now working to inspire others in his role as ‘mentor.’ Paired with San Miguel fifth-grader Mike, Kelvin encourages his mentee with words of wisdom and advice, helping to ease the younger boy’s transition into a new school. In this role as ‘older brother,’ Kelvin is truly helping Mike understand the meaning of ‘Miguel Man,’ a lesson Kelvin teaches by example. But most of all, Kelvin shows his younger brothers what can be achieved with perseverance, persistence, and hope.

“The most important thing? I have to believe in myself,” said Kelvin. “Then I can follow my dreams.”