After five and a half years of leadership and dedicated service, Brother Kevin Dalmasse has stepped down as Regional Director of Education. He completed his tenure with Christian Brothers Conference on July 31, 2010.

Leadership, vision and a commitment to excellence are the hallmarks of Brother Kevin’s time as Regional Education Director. These qualities were particularly evident at the two major conferences that were part of his responsibilities, the Huether Conference and the Lasallian Association of Secondary School Chief Administrators. Past chairman of the Regional Education Board, Brother Kevin Convey noted that “during Kevin’s time major emphasis was placed on including all Lasallian ministries in the Huether program. He constantly stressed that we needed to make sure everyone had the opportunity to participate in this ‘ initial’ Lasallian formation experience that often lead people to participate in the Buttimer and Lasallian Leadership Institutes.” Under Brother Kevin’s leadership, the Huether Conference experienced unprecedented growth, annually welcoming 300 or more participants.

In collaboration with several chief administrators, Brother Kevin established the Lasallian Association of Secondary School Chief Administrators (LASSCA). Perhaps the largest religious congregational association of Catholic Secondary School administrators in the country, this association has become an important forum for fostering the Lasallian mission and identity in the United States-Toronto Region.

Mr. Gery Short, current chairman of the Regional Education Board, believes we have all “benefitted greatly from Brother Kevin’s passion and vision for the Lasallian educational mission in the Region. Brother Kevin has worked tirelessly to assure that the services and programs of the Regional office meet the needs of educators and Districts across the US-Toronto Region, and that these services honor and advance the great educational heritage handed on to us.”

On behalf of the Visitors, Christian Brothers Conference and Lasallians throughout the Region, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for Brother Kevin’s leadership and service. We wish him well as he retums to his alma mater, Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, where he will teach religion and govemment and coach Forensics.