Ms. Jolleen Wagner takes the helm; two newcomers join the staff

3/29/2011 – Washington, DC – “The Christian Brothers Conference named Kimberly Williams as the new Associate Director of the Lasallian Volunteers for the USA/Toronto Region of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. As Associate Director, Kimberly will join Jolleen Wagner, Mari Anzicek, Zac Ufnar and Peter Tooher in the operation of the Lasallian Volunteers.”

The new year has brought a couple of changes to the Lasallian Volunteers office, with the appointment of Ms. Williams as only the final piece to the puzzle. After almost eight years of being on the Lasallian Volunteers Staff, Alisa Macksey, Director, decided she would step down from her role this summer to start a new path in her life.

“I, the LV Movement, the Conference office, and the Region will surely miss her,” said USA/Toronto Region’s General Councilor, Br. Robert Schieler. “She has provided outstanding leadership of the program and brought it to a new level as Director.”

“My time on the LV staff has been incredibly fulfilling, challenging, and inspiring, and I have grown professionally, personally and spiritually, said Macksey. “I feel so blessed to have worked with all of you and all of the volunteers over the past years. I believe whole-heartedly in the Lasallian mission, and I love working with our volunteers and schools, so this is not a decision that was made lightly and certainly not without a sense of loss. I am very much dedicated to my vocation as a Lasallian and hope to remain connected to the Lasallian Family. It is with a great sense of adventure, hope, and trust in God’s Providence that I enter this next phase of my life and I thank you in advance for your support.”

The search for a new Director did not have to go very far to find a highly qualified candidate. Chosen by General Councilor Schieler, in consultation with Macksey and the Lasallian Volunteer Advisory Board, announced in January Ms. Jolleen Wagner as the next Director of the Lasallian Volunteers beginning summer 2011.

Under Macksey’s directorship, the Volunteer program has grown tremendously. Over her eight years at the helm, the number of volunteers has jumped from the 30’s, to 57 this year! With the LV program growing, a new Program Coordinator position was put in place. Mr. Peter Tooher was named to the new post back in January, as the search to fill Wagner’s now vacant Associate Director position began. That position was filled this week with appointment of Kimberly Williams.


                         Meet the New LV Staff Members


Ms. Jolleen Wagner                                                      Ms. Jolleen Wagner

Ms. Jolleen Wagner will officiall start as the next Director of the Lasallian Volunteers beginning summer 2011. Jolleen has been the Associate Director of Lasallian Volunteers for the past four years. Having grown up in New York, Jolleen attended Siena College where she was Editor of the school newspaper. After college, she became a Lasallian Volunteer living in Chicago and working at the San Miguel Gary Comer Campus. After three years as a Lasallian Volunteer, Jolleen was hired as the Associate Director. Jolleen has participated in LSJI-EL Paso and is currently a participant in the Lasallian Leadership Institute. She is imbued with Lasallian values. During the past four years I have observed Jolleen work as Associate Director, interact with the LV staff and work during the annual orientation of new volunteers. She possesses the necessary leadership qualities and has been a key player along with Alisa in the on-going development of the LV program. She is effective and respected in her community visits and accompaniment of the volunteers. Now the Volunteer staff will begin a search for an Associate Director. The announcement for the position is attached. Please assist us in passing this announcement along to those you feel may be good candidates.


Mr. Peter Tooher                                                          Mr. Peter Tooher

Mr. Peter Tooher, as Program Coordinator, will assist with site/community visits, be the AmeriCorps Program Coordinator and further develop the Mentoring Program and Alumni Relations. Peter graduated in 2008 from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance and a minor in Peace Studies. After Notre Dame, he joined an international volunteer program, Farm of the Child, where he spent two and a half years working in Honduras. He learned about the Lasallian Volunteers from fellow volunteer, Sara Vogelpohl, who also joined Farm of the Child after two years as an LV. Peter comes to us with community experience, a very pastoral presence, Spanish fluency, good attention to detail, and experience working internationally. When asked about what motivated him to apply for the position and why he wishes to serve on the LV staff, Peter responded, “What interested me about the program and inspired me to apply was the idea of finding an opportunity where my faith and service experience could be integrated with my professional life.” We feel Peter will be a wonderful addition to the staff. Peter officially begins his new position on February 28, 2011 and will be based at Christian Brothers Conference in Washington, DC.

Ms. Kimberly Williams                                                  Ms. Kimberly Williams

As Associate Director, Ms. Kimberly Williams’ focus will be on the health and well being of current Lasallian Volunteers. She will play a significant role in the further development of the organization and be responsible for site/community visits, retreats. Kimberly earned a Masters in Theological Studies as well as a Masters in Urban Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Kimberly served as a City Director for Mission Year, a year-long urban ministry program and has also served as a Field Experience Instructor for the Peace and Justice Academy in Pasadena, CA. Kimberly comes to us with experience walking and working with long term volunteers, developing curriculum for and teaching students, creating and facilitating retreats, a very pastoral presence and an energy and enthusiasm for service. When asked about what motivated her to apply for and accept the position on the LV staff, Kimberly responded, “I saw that the values of the Lasallian Volunteers were Faith, Community and Service and I was excited because these are things that are very important to me as well.” The LV staff is very excited to have Kimberly on board and looking forward to her presence in the Lasallian community. Kimberly officially begins her new position on June 15, 2011 and will be based at Christian Brothers Conference in Washington, DC.