District Council Member

mike-mckeneryFrom the moment one steps onto the La Salle Academy campus in Providence, Brother Michael McKenery’s presence is evident. His visionary sense has permeated the grounds, from the Lasallian banners outside the field house, to the Arts Center and the state-of-the-art science building. His contributions to the campus are innumerable. They have brought this one hundred forty year old institution to the forefront of high school education.

What is more prevalent than the many visible influences of Brother Michael, is his spiritual presence in the school. Brother joined the Christian Brothers directly out of high school at the age of seventeen. His lifelong bond to his faith and his community not only sets an example of an upstanding Catholic citizen, but a zealous Lasallian role model, from whom the entire Academy can learn. Brother’s poignant and insightful reflections, from the Opening of School Liturgy to the Convocation Ceremony, inspire and unite our diverse community with the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

The students of La Salle have always felt a warm relationship with Brother Michael. He roams the halls between classes, shaking students’ hands and looking to see how their day is going. He regularly eats in the cafeteria during lunch periods, vigilantly goes to sporting events, and attends each arts production. Brother Michael even travelled overseas to surprise the LaSalle Players when they went to perform in an international festival. Students are constantly reassured by his supportive presence. The extent to which Brother will go to connect with his students is limitless. His strong presence at the school makes one feel a part of a close-knit family, where everyone’s individual talents and abilities are not only recognized, but nurtured.

(Written by Allison Unger ’11 and Ryan Sweeney ’11)