Mission Executive Council Member

heather-rupleEver since Heather Ruple enrolled at St. Mary’s College of California in 1997, her path to Lasallian “together and by association” has been much like the hand going in the proverbial glove. It fits, and she “gets it.” For Heather, being a Lasallian educator represents a natural blend of learning concepts, listening to mentors, practicing techniques, reflecting on her experience in God’s presence with her community, and not being afraid to challenge herself to grow–whether in the classroom, with her peers or with the International Lasallian Family.  Heather’s Lasallian journey has taken flight because she has given it wings.  Faith, dedication, service, kindness, professionalism, humility and trust are the hallmarks of this young woman whose “yes” to God through the Lasallian Mission is outstanding!

Lasallian Volunteer, young Lasallian, Mission Executive Council member, International Lasallian Center (CIL) participant, Academic Dean of the San Miguel School of Providence—these are the paths by which Heather Ruple has entered the story, the lived memory, of St. John Baptist de La Salle.  Heather is a vital witness to the Lasallian mission, for she sees her life through the eyes of faith, repeatedly saying yes to God’s call to believe and to serve.  Heather lives with a passionate zeal that enables her students and community to know that God’s love is living and vibrant in them in times of struggle and doubt, as well as in times of dancing and joy.  Heather fosters the Lasallian community daily through her smile and warmth, and her example of selfless love.  Acceptance, affirmation, and a listening heart are the lyrics to the song Heather sings to greet student and colleague alike.

Kids-and-HeatherTowards the end of his life, De La Salle was called back to Paris by his brothers.  When he returned he said, “Here I am. What do you want of me?”  This spirit of seeing God’s will in the ordinary events of life and saying yes to it is the same spirit, living and visible, in Heather.  It is easy in Heather’s presence suddenly to be aware that you are, indeed, in the holy presence of God.

All of us—staff, students, volunteers, Board members—at The San Miguel School of Providence, as well as Lasallians of the District of Eastern North America have been blessed to work alongside Heather as she touches the hearts and minds of the students entrusted to her care! We wish her the best of luck, and know that she will continue to enhance the charism of the Institute, as she begins a new chapter of her Lasallian journey as the Director of Lasallian Student Programs for the District of San Francisco.

“The goodness of God has provided children with teachers.” Meditation 197.1

(Written by Brother Lawrence Goyette, FSC)