St. Raphael’s Freshmen, Coral Santos was named the Pawtucket Boys and Girls Club “Youth of the Year.”

“She’s a hard-working, compassionate club member who’s always there when you need her,” said Boys and Girls Club staff member Shirley Rodriguez. “The compassion she has with the children is incredible. She’s shown them that they also can accomplish great things if they put their minds to it.”

Overcoming physical limitations as an infant and toddler, Santos has worked to be a versatile athlete, currently serving as co-captain of the Boys and Girls Club swim team, and represents St. Raphael’s on the girls’ soccer and track teams.

When not involved in athletics, Santos volunteers as an assistant swimming lesson instructor at the Club and as a Junior Staff member. A Lasallian Youth member at St. Raphael’s, Santos particpates in community service projects, and most recently took part in a “sleepout” to raise awareness of those who are homeless.

When asked, the aspiring pediatrician and ALS researcher wasn’t really sure why she was named “Youth of the Year,” but hoped it was because she had a passion for helping others.

“I enjoy knowing that I can help others, that I can make a difference in people’s lives,” said Santos. “I love having that satisfaction that I am helping them.”

“We’ve seen her grow over the years as a member, and she has taken advantage of the opportunity the club has put in front of her,” stated Boys & Girls Club CEO Jim Hoyt. “She’s done a great job in all she’s achieved, and we’re very proud to have her represent the club as ‘Youth of the Year.’



Adapted from an article written by Jon Baker for The Pawtucket Times >
Photo by Jon Baker