District Council Member

domenicDistrict Council Member, Brother Domenic Viggiani, FSC, is a 1976 graduate, and current President of De La Salle College “Oaklands.” He has also served as a teacher and principal. A dedicated community builder, Br. Domenic is an effective, inspiring leader. Regular visitors to the school always comment on the sense of community they feel on campus. The staff and students of “Oaklands,” under Br. Domenic’s guidance and with his blessing, have actively participated in numerous charitable events and fundraising efforts, most notably, our annual Meagan’s Walk and Skate with Daniel.

During his tenure as principal, Br. Domenic made sure the school’s primary focus was its emphasis on academia above all other matters. As the school’s President, he continues to be a proponent of a thorough catechetical program at “Oaklands.”

Brother once wrote in a memo to staff,

“We must always remember that the way we pray and worship tells us and others what we believe and who we are. I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding your role as a Catholic educator in a Lasallian school. The continued vitality and authenticity of the mission entrusted to us by the Church remain very much with you and your willingness to live up to your professional obligations as teachers.”

A devoted fan of the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, Br. Domenic is no stranger to Hockey, having been a coach, and played in a number of Staff vs. Student games. To know Brother, as student and colleague, is to know a man who is witty and wise, a humble servant of the Institute. An Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of De La Salle’s 100 year old Cadet Corps, Br. Domenic helped to revitalize the program that has been around since Brother Rogatian founded it in 1911.

Brother Domenic is also an advocate for social justice, evidenced in his statement that “the first obligation of a Lasallian educator is to act like the good shepherd who cares for all his sheep and rejoices exceedingly when he finds the lost one.”

Brother Domenic is keenly aware of the challenges facing Brothers’ Vocations, and has worked hard to make sure the College has remained faithful to its Lasallian heritage, by establishing a solid team of educators and staff. Brother collaborates with them creatively, dynamically, and courageously to create structures that assure “Oaklands” continues to be Lasallian. As president of the Board of Directors, Brother Domenic has worked tirelessly to formulate a new strategic plan for the school in an effort to ensure the continuation of an authentic Lasallian mission here in Toronto well into the future.

Brother Domenic continuously demonstrates and encourages all educators at De La Salle “Oaklands” to breathe life into the wisdom inherited from a tradition which takes seriously the well-being and salvation of all those entrusted to our care. We are truly blessed to have Brother Domenic as a watchful shepherd over our De La Salle College “Oaklands” flock.

(Written by Mr. Michael Luchka, Teacher, De La Salle “Oaklands”)