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Dear Brothers and Partners

What we ponder in our hearts in these Advent days (and beyond) is not that God came to us in Jesus 2000 years ago, but that every day He continues to come among us, and through us, in many different, but just as real, ways. Because of this we live and journey together in hope!

As Disciples and Lasallians, this is our legacy written large in De La Salle’s words to us in the Meditations for the Time of Retreat:

“Earnestly ask Jesus Christ to make his Spirit come alive in you, since he has chosen you to do his work”.
(MTR 4.1)

While the mission that we undertake is demanding and faced with many challenges, it is lightened because it is shared and shouldered by many with whom we are privileged to minster and to serve. Together we are called to incarnate what remains invisible to so many, namely God’s grace and “compassionate love.”

Advent Blessings!

Br. Dennis Malloy, FSC

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We wish you a very Merry Christmas– many blessings to you and yours
in the new year!

— The District Staff

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Website Spotlite

Saint La Salle Auxiliary: Mass Card Ordering

The Saint La Salle Auxiliary, established in 1956, assists the Brothers financially in their educational works, in the training of their young members, and in providing the necessary care for the sick and retired Brothers. The auxiliary distributes Memorial Enrollment Folders and sympathy cards, as well as cards for special occasions. Those enrolled share in the spiritual merits of the prayers and works of the Brothers and their associates. Check out the new auxiliary website for all your Mass card and remembrance needs, and please consider giving generously to support the works of the auxiliary!

Brother photoLasallian Leader

Alan Weyland
Executive Director, Office for Mission and Ministry

To say that Oklahoma native, Mr. Alan Weyland, is a stranger in a strange land here on the east coast could not be further from the truth. The District’s Executive Director for Mission and Ministry has become quite accustomed to the warm beach weather of the Jersey Shore.

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Featured Ministry

St. John’s College High School

Location: Washington, D.C.
Founded: 1851
Students: 1,044
Faculty: 122 admin/teachers, staff members
Mascot: The Cadets

St. John’s College High School was established in 1851 by Brother John of Mary, FSC along with two other Brothers, who came to Washington, DC from the Calvert Hall College High School faculty in Baltimore.

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Council Corner

Dr. John R. Wilcox, Manhattan College

Mission Executive Council

Dr. John Wilcox

Since 1974, John Wilcox, PhD has been an invaluable member of the academic community of Manhattan College, serving his colleagues and students as teacher, Director of the Center for Professional Ethics, Chair of the Religious Studies Department, Vice President for Mission, and currently, the Director of Lasallian Studies.

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