The momento will be given away to students at men’s basketball game brother-ed-bobble

1/12/12 – Philadelphia, PA – La Salle students will have the opportunity to pick up a unique collectible when the men’s basketball team hosts Rhode Island on Saturday, January 21. Prior to the 4:00 p.m. tip off, the Brother Ed Sheehy bobblehead will distributed to the first 750 students. Sheehy is believed to be the first Christian Brother to be honored with a bobblehead.

A staple of the La Salle basketball program who is celebrating his 20th anniversary with the team, Brother Ed can be seen on the sidelines at every contest serving as the men’s basketball team moderator.

“I thought it was a unique, neat and amusing idea,” Sheehy said. “I do what I do because it’s important and helpful, but at the same time I appreciate the thoughtfulness.”

The team moderator since 1992, Sheehy leads the squad in prayer before and after every game, accompanying the team on away trips as well. He is also available to talk with the student-athletes and coaches about any issues that may arise in their lives.

Head men’s basketball coach Dr. John Giannini even reserves the last 15 minutes before every game to speak with Sheehy one-on-one.

It is a tradition at Christian Brothers schools for athletic teams to have a moderator to serve as a symbol and physical presence of the Lasallian tradition. “They inspire me,” Sheehy said of the athletes he has worked with.

“They help me continue in my job and show me that I’m following the path the Lord has meant for me to follow.”

Sheehy has taught at La Salle for 20 years as well, instructing students in United States and United States Military history.

Sheehy is a La Salle alumus himself, having graduated in 1968 with a bachelor’s degree in history before earning an M.L.A. at Johns Hopkins in 1973 and a Ph. D. in History from George Washington.

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