La Salle Academy students spend a week helping others

2/26/12 – Providence, RI – adapted from an article and video published by Neil Remiesiewicz and Eyewitness News

A dozen Lasalle High School students are back in Rhode Island Sunday after what they called an “eye-opening” ministry trip.

The students went to Camden, New Jersey, where they spent the last week working at a Habitat for Humanity, a food bank, and an adult day care center for the disabled.

Margaret Naughton, a campus minister, said the girls worked incredibly hard. “They were the first ones in the kitchen to help clean up and they were the ones working the hardest everywhere we went.”

The students said they were a little intimidated at first, finding themselves outside their comfort zone, but that it was worth it.

“I want to go back so bad. I just got home and I want to go back,” said Elisabeth Radwan.

The trip help remind them that so many others aren’t as fortunate, but they were amazed at the positivity that they encountered despite the tough neighborhood they were working in.

Other ministry trips are planned for this year, including stops in Montana and New Orleans.