richard-mckayRichard J. McKay, Founding President of Exec/Comm, a company that deals with training professionals in communications skills, is our featured Lasallian. After early adult years as a Brother and then a successful business career, Rich has earned the right to be fully retired, but alas, he has become a rare commodity: a voluntary Development Director.

His classmate, the late Bro. Dominic Jordan, was wise enough to elicit the support of Rich some seven years ago, on behalf of the Child Rescue Program at St. Mary’s in Nyeri, Kenya. During the years, Rich has visited the school three times, while his wife and son have also seen firsthand the important work that Dominic began.

RIch is fully intent on sustaining this program that is essential for the hope of the 280 children who are the recipients of the generosity of donors. Rich will not rest until funding is founded to guarantee the Rescue Program for years to come. As he currently meets with potential partners, he talks: matching grants, endowments, and Lasallian group reunions.

Rich is Lasallian through and through. At 73, he has been at this for over 50 years. For him, Lasallian means service of the poor, wherever they live. He was Brother Richard to the boys at Lincoln Hall. He has been Mr. McKay to the families and children at St. Thomas Aquinas Grade School in the South Bronx and Cristo Rey High School in Harlem. He is Dad to Kate and son-in-law Alex, who support St. Mary’s, Nyeri. He is also Dad to Rick, who he supported when Rick chose, after visiting St. Mary’s, to pursue a Masters degree in not-for-profit management. He is Rich, husband and partner to Judy, who together make a significant challenge grant to St. Mary’s each year. He is now not-so-retired Rich who is gathering a team of investors like himself who will support the magnificent work being continued by the headmaster, Brother Peter Kombe, and staff at St. Mary’s.

May God continue to bless Rich with ongoing commitment, passion, time and talent on behalf of the children of Child Rescue Centre. He is a blessing to this important Lasallian ministry, which is providing the basics – and hope – for some of the truly poor of our world.

If you know anyone with passion and available resources (time, finances, ideas) for St. Mary’s, Rich can be reached at