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Dear Lasallians,

I hope the summer has afforded you many opportunities to rest, refresh, and play.
I don’t know how it is for you, but for me, Labor Day seems to come around a lot more quickly than Memorial Day. What a bittersweet holiday — one that signals the end of long summer days and the beginning of the “new year” for us. Already, we are underway in many ministries (perhaps in yours) and the rest are ramping up quickly!

Hello and welcome if you are new to the Lasallian Mission!

Welcome back if you had a chance to enjoy some time away over the summer!

Hang in there if you have had your hand to the plough for much of these summer days!

I wish you all the blessings and graces that new beginnings can hold for us, and all the miracles that can happen through your teaching, encouraging, and guiding the young people entrusted to your care.

In one of Saint La Salle’s meditations (178.1) he tells us that “your faith should be a shining light for those whom you instruct.” Have no doubt about the great good you accomplish when you let that light shine through your professional competence, personal attention, and concern for your students. How powerful that good is when we work together as a loving community of Good News!

As we welcome and are welcomed back, let’s keep a special place in our hearts for those students who have a particular claim on our time and attention as a Lasallian community, those students a Brother friend of mine refers to as “Saint La Salle Kids”, “the poor, the least loved, those with learning disabilities, and those who struggle with meaning in their lives.” May they find in us a caring community of sisters and brothers, a sign of the Kingdom, and a sure means to a human and Christian education.

May Jesus live in our hearts and ministries!


Br. Dennis Malloy, FSC

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Website Spotlite

Beyond Statues & Doors

This month, we head back to the Resources section of the District website, with a new video on The Founder’s life – Beyond Statues & Doors. Dating back to 2008, two Lasallians from Australia filmed this great (and quick) documentary, retracing the journey of John Baptist de La Salle. With on-location footage to accompany the history of De La Salle and the first Brothers, Beyond Statues & Doors does an amazing job of introducing the viewer to the beginnings of the Institute.


picCouncil Corner

Dr. William “Bill” Macatee
Mission Executive Council Member

William Macatee was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Saint Louis University and later went on to earn his masters in Secondary Education and a doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of San Francisco.

With over two dozen years of professional experience as a public and private school principal, Dr. Macatee offers a strong record of broad achievements in organizational change, program management, development and implementation of school-wide curricular/instructional systems, faculty and staff formation, professional development, student …

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Featured Ministry:
St. Peter’s Boys High School

Featured Ministry: St. Peter’s Boys’ High School
Location: Staten Island, NY
Founded: 1917
Students: 580 young men
Staff: 40 Brothers and Partners
Mascot: The Eagles

St. Peter’s Boys’ High School, located in the West Brighton area of Staten Island, New York, can trace its roots back to 1839, with the dedication of St. Peter’s parish. In 1917, St. Peters Boys High School was…

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What’s Happening

6th Annual International Lasallian Days of Peace (ILDP)

Friday, Sept. 21 – Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012

ILDP Event Page | Young Lasallians Facebook

Each year, the International Council of Young Lasallians calls upon Lasallians throughout the Institute to participate is this month long peace awareness project.

Your school can participate in workshops, prayer services, volunteer experiences; however your ministry participates, is up to you, and only limited by your imagination! Post your activities and photos to the International Council of Young Lasallians facebook page so the worldwide Institute can see what you’re doing to promote peace.

During the ILDP, we request that each of our DENA ministries ask its faculty/staff, Lasallian Youth, or even their its student  body to wear white to promote peace at least one day during this month long project. Make sure to take a picture and send it to Phil De Rita, Director of Communications, and he will post it to the website and District Facebook page.

On Friday October 19, 2012, at 9:05 AM, we ask all of our DENA ministries to host a moment of silence so that all Lasallians of the District can be united in prayer/study/action for peace.

Keep an eye out on the District website for more ILDP info and resources!

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