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On the edge of the bulletin board behind my desk is a quote that reads, “Have you begun today what you wish to be tomorrow?” I am not sure of the author, but the sentiment for me is about making sure to keep a vision toward the future and trying to innovate and improve a little bit each day. Just a good planning and leadership reminder, I guess.

The DENA leadership team took a couple of days in September to make sure we are thinking about our collective tomorrow and planning for our future. The richness of our time together is not totally captured in the documents that will come out of the planning session. As in all things Lasallian, there is great richness and gift in the work of the “community” gathered. Our leadership community is indeed rich in experience, wisdom, vision, and willingness to innovate for the promotion of our Lasallian Mission and the religious life of our Brothers. The fruits of our labors will be rolled out in our programs and activities over the next few months.

As this academic year begins, I hope you too, are full of hope, vision, and innovation. In some way, for many of the young people in front of you each day, you are their hope for the future. May your example, lessons, and advice nurture their future. May you and your fellow Lasallians have the zeal and audacity to innovate, and make your Lasallian ministry all it can be.



Brother James Martino, FSC
Director of Administration


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Website Spotlite


We’ve spotlighted student prayers before, but we want to remind you that they are now printable! Each month, students from our ministries write prayers for use in the classroom. You can access them from the District homepage, and print them to use with students in your classrooms all week long. Campus Ministers and Religion Chairpersons, make sure to sign up with Phil De Rita, Director of Communications, to have your students write and submit prayers for the District website. Special thanks to La Salle Institute (Troy, NY) and De La Salle Collegiate (Warren, MI) for providing prayers for the summer and the beginning of the school year.


picCouncil Corner

Brother Frederick Mueller
Mission Executive Council Member

Brother Frederick Mueller, FSC, has been a Brother of the Christian Schools for 46 years. During that time he has faithfully lived out his vocational call to the Lasallian charism by instructing and guiding kindergartners, high school students, and college graduate students, Brothers, Partners, and colleagues from the global Lasallian educational world, as well as serving in both District and school administration. During all these variations of ministry, Brother Fred is described by colleagues as “filled with passion, zeal, and deep faith in Jesus Christ, a faithful son of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.”

Read about Br. Fred >

Featured Ministry:
The De La Salle School

Location: Freeport, NY
Founded: 2002
Students: 66 boys – grades 5-8
Faculty, Staff, & Volunteers: 9
Mascot: The Stars

Starting its 11th year, The De La Salle School is still going strong, addressing the educational, developmental, and spiritual needs of young men in grades five through eight at a crucial time in their lives. Led since its inception by Br. Thomas Casey, FSC, The De La Salle School is one of four San Miguel middle schools in the District of Eastern North America, providing a quality Catholic education for young men from economically disadvantaged situations.

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What’s Happening

6th Annual International Lasallian Days of Peace (ILDP)

Friday, Sept. 21 – Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012

During the ILDP, we request that each of our DENA ministries ask their faculty/staff, Lasallian Youth, or even their entire student  body, to wear white to promote peace at least one day during this month long project. Make sure to take a picture and send it to Phil De Rita, Director of Communications, and he will post it to the website and District Facebook page.

On Friday October 19, 2012, at 9:05 AM, we ask all of our DENA ministries to host a moment of silence so that all Lasallians of the District can be united in prayer/study/action for peace.

For information, resources, ideas, and a video message from Br. Alvaro, check out the District website!

Br. Luke Salm, FSC Religious Education Workshop

Sunday, Oct. 14 – Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012

“Catholic Religious Education in a Multicultural Church: challenges and possibilities”

The goal of this annual workshop is to enhance and support the Christian education and evangelization of the young by providing professional development for and accompaniment to the District’s Religious Studies instructors, Campus Ministers, and other Lasallian educators. For more information, check out the Programs section of the District website.

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