Mission Executive Council Member

Brother Frederick Mueller, FSC, has been a Brother of the Christian Schools for fred-mueller46 years. During that time he has faithfully lived out his vocational call to the Lasallian charism by instructing and guiding kindergartners, high school students, and college graduate students, Brothers, Partners, and colleagues from the global Lasallian educational world, as well as serving in both District and school administration. During all these variations of ministry, Brother Fred is described by colleagues as “filled with passion, zeal, and deep faith in Jesus Christ, a faithful son of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.” Perhaps one of Brother Fred’s greatest gifts to the ministry of the District is his lived commitment to the Lasallian charism of mission and association. As a founding member of RILAG (Rhode Island Lasallian Association Group), he invites and welcomes Brothers and Partners, Lasallians all, to participate in opportunities for faith sharing, community service, and reflection upon the Lasallian tradition. A member of RILAG describes an encounter with Brother Fred as “an experience filled with passion and zeal for the mission that is inspiring and personally challenging regarding how I am living out my vocational call to be Lasallian, and how I am inviting others to share in this mission!”

Currently, Brother Fred is the Coordinator of Faculty/Staff Professional Development and Lasallian Formation at La Salle Academy, Providence, RI. In this capacity Brother has established a model program for Lasallian Professional Development in which faculty, staff, and administration participate. Additionally, he is responsible for the classroom orientation and professional development of new faculty at La Salle Academy, having established a new teacher’s mentor program. Brother continues his commitment to youth through his involvement in many student focused programs at La Salle Academy in the areas of athletics and co-curricular activities. When asked of Brother Fred Mueller’s service to La Salle Academy, administration remarked “There is no doubt that Brother Fred continues to lead La Salle Academy to a new and exciting level of commitment to the charism of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Our faculty, staff, and administration are very lucky to have Brother Frederick as a resource, as a leader, as a role model, as an academician, and as a friend. We are a better school with Brother Fred in our presence.” Those sentiments can be echoed throughout the District, Region and Institute!