Mission Executive Council

jim-loganJames (Jim) Logan started his career in the St. Gabriel’s System (SGS) at St. Gabriel’s Hall in the Partial Hospital Program (PHP) in October, 1993, doing group work with clients. He also began working on individual cases in the Drug and Alcohol program. In August of 1995 he went back to school for his MSS degree at Bryn Mawr College. In his second year of the Master’s program, he applied to the St. Gabriel’s System Administrative Office as a Graduate Intern. He started the internship in September of 1996, and after its completion, stayed on to work part time. He graduated with his MSS in June of 1997 and went back to The Hall in July as one of the Directors of Residential Services, supervising the CBDS Unit and Community Based Shelter (Detention Unit).

In July of 1998, Jim became the founding director of the Mitchell Program. The Mitchell Program is an intensive 120 day residential treatment program for male youth who are court adjudicated ages 13-18, focused on balanced and restorative justice (BARJ), Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care and therapeutic principles, followed by six months of community-based reintegration services. During Jim’s time as Director, there are many interesting stories, including driving into the community to pick up and drop off the program’s first clients, or figuring out how to capture and return animals back to the program’s small-scale therapeutic farm. As part of his skill set, Jim now can handle spitting Lamas.

When Brother Dennis Malloy became the Executive Director of St. Gabriel’s System in 2000, Jim was asked to leave his tenure in residential programs to take over De La Salle Vocational (community based day treatment) as the Director. He became the first lay (non-Brother) Director of DELVOC, where he still leads today.

Jim has been a consistent leader in Saint Gabriel’s System, providing leadership in Juvenile Justice, treatment initiatives, and transitioning DELVOC into the new standards of Career Technical Education. Jim was instrumental in partnering with the Philadelphia Work Force Investment Board and the Philadelphia Youth Network to provide paid work internships for DELVOC clients, and in bringing Wal-Mart Foundation funds to DELVOC and St. Gabriel’s Hall.

He has been called to the Lasallian Charism since his first experience with the Christian Brothers at La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, PA. After participating in the first LLI Cohort, he has served in leadership roles in the Lasallian movement within the Legacy Baltimore District, District of Eastern North America, the initial founding of the Lasallian East Coast Child Care Group which has developed into Lasallian Association of Youth and Family Services, and extensive organizational and formation work within St. Gabe’s System and the Philadelphia Area Lasallian Ministries Associative Group (PALM). Jim was a founding member of the PALM and has served on the steering committee from its start. Jim serves on the DENA Mission Executive Council as the representative from LAYFS, which he also chairs.
Jim is viewed as a calm and consistent leader, bringing balance to SGS, LAYFS, and DENA. Jim has a great calibrated sense of humor, because for Jim, life is about smiling. Jim has a unique ability to help any one of his colleagues step away from being too serious, while still having respect for any serious situation. It is clear that he has a calling to the Lasallian mission and strives to live Lasallian values through his ongoing journey to live the 12 Virtues of a Lasallian Educator.

A loving family man, Jim is married to his wife, Jaime, and has two delightful daughters, Kate and Lily.