On Monday 22 April, Bethlehem University welcomed a delegation of 50 diplomats, officials, and civil society organizations from Spain. Sr. Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, Spanish Foreign Minister, led the delegation, which also included Mr Alfonso Portabales, Spanish Consul in Jerusalem, and Mdm. Pilar Lara Alen, President of the Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture in Spain.

The Spanish Agencies provided around €3.5 million to support the construction and the furnishing of the Zurub Teacher Resource Center, the implementing body of the Education Project in the Faculty of Education at Bethlehem University. The project has been made possible with support from Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which contributed to the new Education Building and implementing the Education Project, which is aimed at improving the quality of teaching in 58 elementary and secondary schools in four districts in Palestine. Approximately 4,300 teachers students, parents, supervisors and school principals are benefitting from the project, in its three interrelated components; Pedagogy, Special Education, Technology in Education.

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