David-Deradoorian02Novice and Teacher

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, I first encountered the Brothers and the work they do in high school at De La Salle Collegiate. I saw them as a faith-filled group of men living, working, and sharing together.

When I went away to Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI, I didn’t give the Brothers much thought (or perhaps somewhere deep down I did, but wasn’t realizing it). While earning my Bachelors in Spanish Education and Psychology, I volunteered at Saint Thomas Elementary in Grand Rapids, helping first and second graders improve their reading ability, and at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Grand Rapids, where I helped develop a curriculum, recruited tutors, and oversaw assessments at the parish-based ESL (English as a Second Language) program.

Sometimes, the hardest person to admit a vocation to is one’s self.

After working several summers with the Brothers at Saint Raymond’s High School for Boys in the Bronx, NY, teaching remedial Spanish to struggling students, I joined the Brothers’ Contact Program. I taught/assisted seventh grade English/Language arts students at San Miguel School in Camden, NJ. While living with the Brothers at Jeremy House in Philadelphia, I discovered an underlying wholeness and peace. These experiences, along with prayer, countless conversations with myself and others, and a sense of being open led me to make the leap of faith to join this group of religious men. My Brothers – both in our District and around the world – have been wholly supportive, and continue to encourage my love of teaching.

For the last couple of years with the Brothers I taught high school religion and language at La Salle College High in Wyndmoor, PA. Evident every day, in our interactions with our students, is the Gospel…alive and in living color. Each day is an exciting journey of service and dedication. Being a Brother is about more than just teaching; it’s about being Christ to others, finding peace, being Brother to one another, and finding God in all things.

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Brother David has taken the next significant step in his discernment to become a Brother of the Christian Schools.  On Saturday, June 29th, Deradoorian was vested with the formal Brother’s robe and rabat during a Robing Ceremony in Lincroft, New Jersey, with Christian Brothers and family in attendance.  The ceremony symbolizes a deepening of the candidate’s commitment while publicly assuming the identity of the Brother.

Now, David joins three other Young Brothers in California for a year in the Novitiate, where they will engage in prayer and reflection as part of the Brothers’ Formation process.