Special Prayers for Brothers

The January 1938 issue of the Institute Bulletin presented reports about special healings which were granted through prayers to Brother Benilde (1936), Brother Miguel (1937), and Brother Mutien-Marie (1937).

Institute Bulletin, January 1938, pp. 79-82.

213 Years as Brothers

Each January 25 is the anniversary of the approval of the Brothers of the Christian Schools as a religious congregation. Pope Benedict XIII granted this request on that day in 1725.

The Messenger of the Divine Child, Spring 1938, p. 73.

New Feast Day: Relocation of Remains

A new feast day was instituted for all Christian Brothers’ communities in the world: the feast of the relocation of the remains of St. John Baptist de La Salle from Belgium to Rome. The Vatican granted the request of the superior general (Brother Junien-Victor) that each January 26 to be observed by the Brothers for this feast day. The transfer of the relics had occurred one year earlier (1937).

The Messenger of the Divine Child, Spring 1938, p. 77; see also Institute Bulletin, April 1938, pp. 173-175.