100 Years Manhattan College

The centennial of Manhattan College approaches! In February 1863, the board of regents of the state of New York received a petition calling attention to the “Seminary of Learning” at Broadway and 131st Street in New York City in which 45 youths at the time were learning various “branches of knowledge usually taught in the colleges of the country.” These collegiate courses evolved from the original institution (Academy of the Holy Infancy), founded 10 years earlier (1853). The charter for Manhattan College (then located in the Manhattanville section of NYC) was granted on April 2, 1863. 100 years later, appropriate centennial events are being planned for February through May.

New York Newsletter, December 1, 1962, p. 21.

Mel Ferrer to Be Founder in New Movie

An agreement has been made regarding the filming of the life of De La Salle. Mel Ferrer will play the De La Salle, with Aldo Fabrizi as Adrien Nyel. Filming will start in France in September and will finish in Spain in November. Both Alec Guiness and Jose Ferrer have declined the offer to play the title role.

Newsbriefs of Baltimore, February 1963, p. 3. New York Newsletter, March 1, 1963, p. 19.

Second Vatican Council Activity

The Second Vatican Council in Rome is underway. As the New York Newsletter reported, “Bishops in skull caps are as ubiquitous [around the city] as Chicago cops. We hear of them in bookstores, dime stores, buses, etc. Three or four bishops are living in the Motherhouse. Bishop Edward Fitzgerald (Bishop of Winona, MN) stopped off on his own initiative.” A special reception at the motherhouse will be held after the Vatican II reconvenes in September 1963 for the 150-plus cardinals, archbishops, and bishops who are either affiliated (honorary) members or former students of the Brothers.

December 1, 1962, p. 8. New York Newsletter, January 1, 1963, p. 2 and also Institute Bulletin, April 1963, p. 103.

No More Black Robes in Philippines

The black robe is no longer to be used in the Philippines; the white robe is now approved for all occasions.

New York Newsletter, December 1, 1962, p. 8.

New Publication, Lasallianum

During recent weeks was the debut of Lasallianum, a new multilingual semester publication consisting of works of the 140 past and present of Christian Brothers who have been studying at various Rome universities.

New York Newsletter, February 1, 1963, p. 3.