The Builders — Brother Fidelis Cornelius

Lasallian Digest • Winter 1958-1959

Our main story for “50 Years Ago” deals with the unfortunate auto accident which claimed the lives of three Christian Brothers in California in early 1962. Here is a feature article about one of them, Brother Fidelis Cornelius (Braeg). Born in Switzerland in 1877, Brother Cornelius received the Robe at Ammendale in 1893. This is a capsule version of his story, as written by Mrs. Pat Lawrence several years before the tragedy.

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Cuban Brothers Exiled

Lasallian Digest  • Fall 1961

Another timely article, mirrored by news items in several “Looking Back” episodes, was written by Brother Antonio Maria. “Cuban Brothers Exiled” summarizes the plight of the Christian Brothers in Communist Cuba and describes their exodus to the U.S.

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Lasallian Spirit of Faith

Lasallian Digest • Fall 1961

Hundreds of Lasallians in the Region have heard of Brother Joseph Schmidt, especially those who are familiar with Sangre de Cristo, or the African missions, or “Praying Our Experiences” (his most popular book). But 50 years ago, he was known as Brother Fidelis of Mary, and that is when Lasallian Digest wisely published his “Lasallian Spirit of Faith.”

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