Christian View of Today’s Reality

Lasallian Digest • Summer 1966

Most Christian Brothers in the United States over the age of 60 received the Robe during the month of September. This article has been chosen with an eye for that reason—and also because Septembers for every Lasallian are synonymous with the freshness and “bounce” of another school year. This is a talk given by Brother Frederick Thomas (Stokley), Principal of Central Catholic HS (Pittsburgh), at a Habit-taking in the mid-1960s at Ammendale (MD), the Motherhouse of the Legacy Baltimore District. It was published in Lasallian Digest in Summer 1966.

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Rheims to Lincroft

Lasallian Digest • Winter 1962

Although the first classes of Christian Brothers Academy (Lincroft, NJ) commenced in September 1959 in a converted horse stable on the campus, it took several years for the “permanent” school building to be constructed. Fifty Octobers ago (October 29, 1961), what we know of as CBA was dedicated. Delivering the main address that day was Brother Adelbert James of Manhattan College. Brother James shows how De La Salle’s motivation to establish the Christian Brothers has many connections to the world of 1961—and, by extension, of 2011. His words appeared in the Winter 1962 edition of Lasallian Digest.

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