Teacher Exchanges Discussed

The LI-NE District is entertaining the thought of “District Teacher Exchanges,” as recommended by the most recent General Chapter. An exchange between LI-NE and the St. Louis District is seen as a viable starting point.

LI-NE Newsletter, January 15, 1962, p. 2.

NY Considering Barrytown Retreat

The New York District is narrowing its choice for a new District Retreat House to the Barrytown (NY) area. Lincroft (NJ) was a contender for this proposed project.

New York Newsletter, March 1, 1962, p. 1.

Brothers Meet In Exile

A group of former students of the Brothers’ schools in Communist Cuba met “in exile” at Manhattan College on January 28, 1962.

Bulletin des Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes, April 1962, pp. 106-107.

First 100-Day Brothers Head to
Sangre de Cristo

Journeying to New Mexico’s new Sangre de Cristo in September for the first ever 100-Day Second Novitiate are two LI-NE members, Brothers Benedict Justin and Christopher of Mary.

Chosen to be the first New Yorkers to venture to Sangre de Cristo will be Brothers Berard Gabriel and Cletus Joseph.

LI-NE Newsletter, February 15, 1962, p. 1.
New York Newsletter, March 1, 1962, p. 1.