St. La Salle Window at National Shrine Dedicated

The St. La Salle window at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (Washington) was dedicated on May 27. A contribution from each of the six U.S. districts made the stained-glass window a reality. De La Salle College (Washington) handled the publicity for the ceremony, and a reception was held there afterwards. the glass for the window—one of the six largest windows in the edifice—was made by the Rambusch Co. of NYC.

Newsbriefs of Baltimore, April 1962, p. 2 and also May 1962, p. 3; and also LI-NE District Newsletter, May 15, 1962, p. 1; and also FSC, September 1962, p. 2.

St. Louis to Divide into Three

The St. Louis District is considering splitting up geographically, either into two or three separate districts. If the latter option is chosen, then about 200 Brothers would be in the Glencoe (MO) District, 300 in the Chicago District, and 250 in the Winona (MN) District. The Brothers of the St. Louis District will vote on this important matter by mid-April.

Newsbriefs of Baltimore, March 1962, p. 2.

Archivist’s Note: The St. Louis District was divided into three districts during the next several years after this article was published.