Phil Linz Yankees Short Stop

Phil Linz Yankees Short Stop

Calvert Hall Grad Yankees Shortstop

Phil Linz (Calvert Hall, Class of 1957) is expected to be the shortstop for the New York Yankees in Spring 1962.

News Briefs of Baltimore, January 1962, p. 3.

La Salle HS (MD) Basketball Win

The basketball team of La Salle HS (Cumberland, MD) finished 19-2, and captured the city title and a sharing of the conference championship.

News Briefs of Baltimore, February 1962, p. 3.

Philadelphia Warriors, Brothers’ Grads

Two starting players for the Philadelphia Warriors of the National Basketball Association are former students of the Brothers. One is Tom Gola, a graduate of La Salle High and of La Salle College, who led La Salle to the NCAA championship in 1954. The other is Tom Meschery, Class of 1961 of St. Mary’s College of California; Meschery is in his first year in the NBA and was chosen “Rookie of the Year” by the NBA.

FSC, March 1962, p. 3.

Saint Ray’s Cross Country & Football Champs

St. Raphael’s Academy (Pawtucket) won the state championships in cross country and football in their respective divisions. The grid team’s victory of Tolman HS was marred by the vandals who painted the statue of St. Raphael in front of the school, and then went over to paint sections over Tolman HS building.

LI-NE Newsletter, December 15, 1961, p. 6.

Loughlin Games, Big Crowd

The Loughlin Games (Bishop Loughlin HS, Brooklyn), directed by Brother Benedict Philip, attracted over 170 schools and 4,300 contestants for the largest track meet ever held in New York. Brother Rice HS edged out host Loughlin by a half-point.

LI-NE Newsletter, December 15, 1961, p. 8.

Bradley Clinches Football Win

Bishop Bradley HS (Manchester, NH) clinched the state and the city titles with a win over Manchester Memorial on Thanksgiving Day. Meanwhile, at the community house, Brothers Antony Thomas and Arthur Edward are busy building a three-car garage.

LI-NE Newsletter, December 15, 1961, p. 5.

La Salle (Prov) Sets Wrestling Record

The wrestling team of La Salle Academy (Providence) set a new league record of 27 consecutive wins and is on its way to a third state championship.

LI-NE Newsletter, February 15, 1962, p. 4.

NY Giants at Saint Ray’s

Andy Robustelli, co-captain of the NFL’s NY Giants, spoke at the football and cross country championship banquet at St. Raphael Academy (Pawtucket).

LI-NE Newsletter, February 15, 1962, p. 6.

Syracuse Loses Just One

The football team of CBA (Syracuse) lost only one game (the last game of the season), and ended up as co-champs of the league.

New York Newsletter, December 1, 1961, p. 14.

Spellman Track Incomplete, Clever Alternatives

The outdoor track at Cardinal Spellman HS (NY) is still unfinished, but Coach/Brother Bertram Patrick uses every resource, even the third floor corridor of the school.

New York Newsletter, January 1, 1962, p. 10.

St. John’s Skates New Rinks

The boys of St. John’s Training School (Uxbridge, Ontario) had their first skate of the in the local arena on December 8. One week later they had their first skate on the school’s own outdoor rinks.

Annals of St. John’s Industrial School, p. 368.

St. John’s Hockey

On January 21, 1962, the Senior boys of St. John’s Training School (Uxbridge) played an exhibition hockey game in Oshawa.

Annals of St. John’s Training School, p. 370.