Celebrating 50 Years

Brother Denis Edward's 50th anniversary

Brother Denis Edward’s 50th anniversary

On December 8, the lay faculty tendered a dinner to markBrother Denis Edward‘s 50th anniversary as a Christian Brother. Brother Denis Edward is the president of St. Thomas College (Scranton, PA) and had been the president of La Salle College. All of the Brothers in Scranton attended and also several Brothers from other locales.

St. La Salle Auxiliary Bulletin (Ammendale, MD), December 1936, pp. 24-25.
Fifty years as a Christian Brother were celebrated by Brother Anesius

Fifty years as a Christian Brother were celebrated by Brother Anesius

Fifty years as a Christian Brother were celebrated by Brother Anesius and his many friends and confreres at the Narragansett Hotel in Providence on January 31, 1937. Born in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day in 1856, Brother Anesius has taught in Brothers’ schools in New York City, Cleveland, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Troy, and Providence. He was a man of great wit and wisdom. One day he was asked what he considered the most important factors in life and happiness. Brother Anesius replied, “There are only two: grace and a sense of humor.”

Saint La Salle Auxiliary Bulletin (Barrytown), March 1937, pp 42 and 48.


On December 1, 1936, Brother Chrysostom John died. Although gifted in mathematics, Brother John spent most of his career studying and teaching literature; his specialty was William Wordsworth. At the high school level, he taught in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Providence. Brother John received a Master’s from New York University and was completing his work on his doctorate when he died.

Saint La Salle Auxiliary Bulletin (Barrytown, NY), March 1937, pp. 37-38.
Brother Cantidius Thomas

Brother Cantidius Thomas

The New York District lost one of its most prominent members on February 20 with the passing ofBrother Cantidius Thomas. While teaching at De La Salle Institute (NYC), he was one of the first to popularize basketball in New York and to establish summer camps for the training of young men in civil engineering. As the Director at Buffalo’s St. Joseph’s Collegiate (beginning in 1910), he built a new structure for the school and was known as a speaker for many functions. At Manhattan College he served as Vice-President, then Dean of Science, and later as the President (six years) who guided the construction of its new campus in the Riverdale section of The Bronx. For two terms he had been the chairman of the College Department of the Catholic Educational Association.

Saint La Salle Auxiliary Bulletin (Barrytown), March 1937, pp. 36-37 and also St. La Salle Auxiliary Bulletin (Ammendale), March 1937, pp. 45-46.
Brother Salvator Patrick

Brother Salvator Patrick

One of the oldest and most revered Christian Brothers of the Toronto District,Brother Salvator Patrick, died at the age of 78 at De La Salle College in Aurora, Ontario, on February 26. Entering the Brothers at Toronto in 1882, he taught in Quebec City, Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, Renfrew, Hamilton, and Toronto; in most of these places he was the Director of the Community and school.

Bulletin of the St. De La Salle Auxiliary [Ontario], March 1937, pp. 23-24.