44 Robed at Ammendale

44 young men received the Robe at Ammendale on September 7; Brother Florian Alfred (now Br. Edward Adams) gave an inspiring address to all.

News Briefs of Baltimore, September 1961, p. 5.

Brother Director Receives Honorary Degree

“Brother Director” (Brother Daniel Bernian Kelly) received an Honorary Degree and delivered the convocation address at rival St. Joseph’s College, October 1.

Newsbriefs of Baltimore, September 1961, p. 6.

Sacred Heart Statue Dedicated by Calvert Hall Faculty Member

Anthony Capezio, a member of the faculty at Calvert Hall, donated an outdoor statue of the Sacred Heart near the Brothers’ House; it is sculptured from Italian marble.

News Briefs of Baltimore, October 1961, p. 3.

Brother Anthony Joseph New LI-NE Provincial

Brother Anthony Joseph New LI-NE Provincial

Brother Anthony Joseph New LI-NE Provincial

The new Provincial of the LI-NE District is Brother Anthony Joseph(Finnegan). He now leads the 285 Brothersof that District which conducts six schools in the Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island area, and six others in New England. Previously, he directed the Novitiate in Narragansett and also was the Auxiliary Provincial.

FSC, September 1961, p. 1.

Brother Charles Henry Named Assistant Superior General

A four-paragraph article and photograph features the election of Brother Charles Henry, Provincial of the LI-NE District, as the Assistant Superior General who would oversee the Districts of the USA. The election was held on June 16, 1961. Brother Henry thus replaced Brother Eliphus Victor, the Provincial of the New York District at one time. Five years into the future (1966), Brother Charles Henry would be elected as the first American to serve as Superior General.

Bulletin des Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes, September 1961 (p. 157)

29 Robed, 19 First Vows

On September 1, 29 young men received the Robe as incoming Novices at Narragansett, RI. A week later, 19 Novices (one New Yorker) pronounced their First Vows and moved on collegiate studies.

LI-NE District Newsletter, October 15, 1961, p. 7.

Dr. O’Connor Affiliated

On September 5, Dr. Arthur J. O’Connor, benefactor of the Brothers in Rhode Island, was affiliated into the Institute at Narragansett.

Bulletin des Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes, April 1962, p. 109.

Bishop McVinney Receives Letters of Affiliation

Bishop Russell McVinney received Letters of Affiliation from Brother Charles Henry at the Novitiate in Narragansett, RI.

September issue of FSC (p. 2.)
Brother Alpheus Matthew Dies

Brother Alpheus Matthew Dies

Brother Alpheus Matthew Dies

Brother Alpheus Matthew (Hardardt) died at the age of 39 on November 9. Earlier in life he had been a robust and healthy Brother who enjoyed unqualified success in the eyes of all at La Salle Institute (Troy) where he had been the Sub-Director. Beginning around the age of 34, however, he contracted Hodgkin’s disease, but insisted on teaching—and well—at La Salle Military Academy. His courage was an example to all of the cadets and the faculty.

LI-NE District Newsletter, November 15, 1961, p. 2.

Brothers Celebrating 25 Years

Celebrating their 25th anniversary as Christian Brothers in the New York District (September 7, 1961) are Brothers Abban Patrick, Albert George, Aloysius Bernard, Alphonsus Felix, Anthony Joseph, Bartholomew Albert, Basil Peter, Bernard Edward, Camillus William, Charles Felix, Christopher Victor, Cleophas James, Cleophas Richard, Conrad of Jesus, Abdon Lewis, andColumban of Mary.

New York Newsletter, Nov. 1, 1961, p. 3 and also Dec. 1, 1961, p. 1.
60 & 50 Years for Brothers

60 & 50 Years for Brothers

60 & 50 Years for Brothers

On September 16, St. John’s Training School (Uxbridge, Ont) hosted some 60 Brothers who assembled to celebrate the 60th Jubilee ofBrother S. Gregory and the 50th Jubilee ofBrother R. Philip, marking their anniversaries as Christian Brothers. The ceremony began with a Mass, with the entire student body attending as well.

Annals of St. John’s Industrial School, Toronto/Uxbridge, pp. 364-367