On Sunday, September 22, La Salle Institute unveiled  a memorial monument dedicated to the at least 51 La Salle Institute Cadets who lost their lives while in Military service.    This memorial stone, produced by Sanvidge Funeral Home, is 7 ‘ wide and up to 4’ high.    The stone identifies Cadets from WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and now.   Service members remembered include Major James O’Donovan ’28, who was killed during the Bataan Death March; William McNulty ’64 – killed in Vietnam and was the brother of former Congressman Mike McNulty ’65; James Masotti ’55, who was the first from Troy to be killed in Vietnam; and William O’Brien, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his conduct during the Battle of Saipan.
This ceremony was a very emotional moment for La Salle Institute, especially since many of the deceased family members were in attendance, as well as classmates and friends of those who lost their lives.  Over 1,600 Cadets from La Salle Institute served in the military, and that is indicative of the dedication to service of the entire Capital Region.