Industrial-School-Catholic-Charities-and-Social-WelfareThe 50th anniversary (1888-1938) of St. Francis Industrial School (Eddington, PA) is the subject of our cover story, as reported in Lasallian publication exactly 75 years ago.

On July 28, 1888, the inaugural ceremonies for this special ministry were held in its temporary chapel. The founders were Misses Elizabeth and Louise Drexel, the siblings of Mother (Saint) Katharine Drexel. The early residents of St. Francis were mainly orphans who took academic courses augmented by industrial training.

Bulletin of St. La Salle Auxiliary, Winter 1938 [sic; in reality, Winter 1938-39], pp. 72-75.

ARCHIVIST’S NOTE: This school was renamed St. Francis Vocational School in 1942; the Brothers withdrew from it in 1974, but nearby stands De La Salle Vocational (1974 to current) which is part of the St. Gabriel’s System.

Photo courtesy Philadelphia Archdiocesan Historical Research Center