Br. Celestine Philip Named Director General

50TransitionBrCelestinePhilipBr. Celestine Philip of the LINE District has been named as the director general of the generalate (international headquarters) of the Brothers in Rome; he is the first American to hold this position. Earlier, Br. Philip had been vocational director of LINE and was the director of De La Salle College (1949-1955), the Brothers’ house of studies in Washington, D.C.  Brother Philip departs for Rome in January.

FSC, March 1964, p. 1.

Br. Attalus Jerome Dies

50TransitionBrAttalusJeromeBr. Attalus Jerome (Bagnell) died on December 5, aged 88. The dean (oldest member) of the LINE District, he worked at Clason Point Military Academy (succeeded by La Salle Military Academy) for almost 40 years. Bishop McVinney of Providence, a student at La Salle Academy (Providence) when Br. Jerome was principal, celebrated the funeral Mass.

LINE Newsletter, December 1, 1963, p. 1; and also January 1, 1964, pp. 2, 4 and 9.

La Salle Troy Grad Ordained in Rome

Rev. Mr. Howard J. Hubbard, a graduate of La Salle Institute in Troy (NY) was ordained recently in Rome.

New York Newsletter, January 1, 1964, p. 14.

ARCHIVIST’S NOTE: In time, Fr. Hubbard became the Bishop of Albany!

Br. Damian Cooney of Toronto Dies

Br. Damian (Cooney) of the Toronto District died on January 18. For over 30 years he worked at St. John’s Industrial (renamed Training) School in Toronto (relocated to Uxbridge), where he was affectionately known as “coach” because of the sports training he gave the boys in lacrosse, hockey, baseball, football, swimming, and track and field.

Annals of St. John’s Industrial/Training School, p.399

New Director at St. Gabriel’s Hall

Br. Francis Gabriel (Kirkpatrick) has replaced Br. David Peter (Ryan) as director of St. Gabriel’s Hall.

Newsbriefs of Baltimore, December 1963, p. 1.

La Salle Sociology Brother Dies

50TransitionBrDominicAugustineBr. Dominic Augustine (McCaffrey), who died at La Salle College on December 4, 1963, was the face of La Salle’s Sociology Department both in and out of the classroom. He worked with labor leaders in the ‘40s, was active with marriage preparation in the ‘50s, and advocated race relations all his life. In fact, he was a pioneer for the civil rights movement before it had a name or before it was a movement.

Newsbriefs of Baltimore, December 1963, p. 1.

Br. Peter Costello (Francis) Robed

50TransitionBrPeteCostelloBr. Peter Costello received the robe and the religious name of Br. Peter Francis at Ammendale.  He is the last Brother in the Baltimore District to have his Ammendale habit-taking in mid-winter.

Newsbriefs of Baltimore, January 1964, p. 3. This photo is from the 1963 Blue and White (yearbook) of West Philadelphia Catholic HS for Boys.

Big Anniversary Celebration

50TransitionBrosCyril&Anthony&EdwinOn February 1, over 200 people attended the 50th anniversary celebration for Brothers Cyril, Anthony, and Edwin at St. John’s Training School (Uxbridge, ON). The Archbishop of Toronto celebrated the Mass and attended the banquet afterwards.

Annals of St. John’s Industrial/Training School, pp. 399-403.

25th Jubilee at CBA Syracuse

The 25th jubilees of Brothers Albian Victor and Cleophas James, both working at CBA (Syracuse), were held on December 1.  Br. Casimir Stephen celebrated his 25th at Manhattan College on December 19. Br. Arator Joseph (Ventura) celebrated his 25th anniversary in February at La Salle Military Academy in Oakdale (Long Island).

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