diplomawho-dunnit-logoOne dismal snowy afternoon five parents of our students came into my office and asked for my help.

“We need a practical adult education program in our neighborhood,” the leader said, “so that we will be able to know our rights concerning navigating loans and bank cards and perhaps eventually get back to school.”

They put a price tag of $5,000 on the program.

I knew in my heart that I must help them. Despite some  past positive experiences at raising money, for the life of me I could not find $5,000 to get this program up and running. I did, however, convince a nearby Lasallian college to run courses in our school that roughly coincided with the request from the parents.

Many earned college credit for the first time in their lives, and two years later this fledgling endeavor became a full BA program in the liberal arts for hundreds of adults in this neighborhood noted for crime, unemployment . . . and dedicated Lasallians.


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