The Seed the Dream Foundation awarded West Catholic Preparatory High School a major gift for a scholarship initiative. The school will be given a major gift over the next 8 years to provide scholarships to qualified and deserving St. Francis de Sales graduates who attend West Catholic Prep. This gift will allow West Catholic Prep to continue to attract some of the best and brightest students in the area to continue their private, Catholic education at 45th and Chestnut St.
The grant was awarded through the efforts of West Catholic Prep President, Brother Richard Kestler, FSC and others working at West Catholic Preparatory High School, to ensure that all qualified and deserving students have the opportunity to attend private school regardless of financial obstacles. The Seed the Dream Foundation’s support of West Catholic Prep and St. Francis de Sales is not only an investment in Catholic education, but also an investment in the neighborhood surrounding the two schools.
Brother Richard Kestler, FSC thanked the Foundation, saying “This investment is good for our families, it’s good for our schools, it’s good for our neighborhood. Philadelphia is an emerging City in need of quality education, and this area is fortunate to have two of the finest academic institutions in Philadelphia, which have worked in partnership for many years together. The Seed the Dream Foundation and many other supporters are starting to recognize that their investment in our children allows roots to be laid in the area and families to take pride in where they live, work, and go to school.”