Washington, DC – The St. John’s Lasallian Youth group held a field day for the students of the San Miguel School. The event was held on St. John’s campus and made use of their gym and football field. The fifty-six San Miguel students were divided into six teams and rotated through soccer, dodge ball, and kick ball.

The two Lasallian schools in DC have connected throughout the academic year. Each week, St. John’s Lasallian Youth sends a few students to San Miguel in order to help tutor the younger students. Today was another opportunity for the two schools to join together, but with a more recreational activity.

Two students, Luke Garrett and Stephen Harlan, who were carefully guided by Bro, Martin Zewe, organized the day.   They recruited about two dozen of their classmates who worked as coaches for each team or referees for the games. Luke, a rising senior, said that it took a lot of work to get the day organized. “I remember helping out with this day when I was a freshman,” Luke explains, “and it was such a great time.   I wanted to make sure that the San Miguel kids had another chance to enjoy themselves. I think everything turned out great!”

After an exciting morning, the San Miguel and St John’s students enjoyed a picnic lunch together. Special thanks go to the Men of St. John’s and Mr. Shepp. The Men’s Club paid for the hot dogs and Mr. Shepp took care of cooking them.

After all of this, each San Miguel student was presented with a soccer ball. Phil Galipo, a graduate of St. John’s, generously donated these balls to the students. The donation was coordinated through Mr. Harlan, Steve’s father. All of which shows the strong connections among the many generations of the St. John’s family and the ways that everyone works together to make an event like this possible.