Ernest Miller_02Chicago, IL – Theophilus is the first-ever student journal of the Catholic Theological Union (CTU), a student managed, reviewed and edited Catholic journal of theology and pastoral ministry. It publishes columns and peer-reviewed articles written by CTU students and encompasses all theological disciplines. The purpose of this publication is to provide graduate students the opportunity to debate and discuss relevant issues in theology and pastoral ministry; to share their scholarly interests with alumni, instructors, ministry sites, and schools of theology nationwide; and to provide editorial experience to CTU’s graduate students. Theophilus is an online, open-access journal published by CTU through its Paul Bechtold Library.

The launch of Theophilus featured a Symposium and Award Presentation that took place in April.  Our Br. Ernest Miller, FSC, is the recipient of the Paul Bechtold Library Faculty Choice Award for his article “Black Theology of Liberation: Towards Achieving a Prophetic Vision for Justice and Community.” Br. Ernest gave a presentation on his article as part of the Symposium. Congratulations to Br. Ernest on receiving the award, as well as being published in the inaugural issue!