who-dunnit-logoMy life has been an amazing pilgrimage to the people of Nigeria.

I first left home in 1958, and save for brief periods all my life has been spent with my people.

As a 28 year old Christian Brother I began a career as a principal, teacher, and administrator — even Auxiliary Visitor.

At 55 years old in 1985 the government required me to retire, and I began to reinvent myself by being available to my Brothers and my people in whatever way I could help.

To this day my hats have included: cook, correspondent, finance officer, construction manager, workshop and retreat presenter, editor and publisher.I also keep in contact with over a hundred former students.

My story is still unfolding here in Nigeria at 83, so this could be a “Who Doing It” story as opposed to “Who Dunnit.”


Deo Gratias.


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