Our participants go to school… enculturation for mission.




On their way to class… selfie!

Our participants spent the last two days at Nairobi’s Tangaza University College, enrolled in the Maryknoll Institute of African Studies Program. This is an intensive, participatory experience for those wishing to systematically understand and articulate African cultural knowledge. This condensed enculturation course would help our group become more culturally aware and sensitive to the Lasallians they will meet on their journey, and help provide a deeper perspective into the society they are immersed in. Our group also learned about the Lasallian family during a presentation from folks of Christ the Teacher Institute for Education (CTIE), the School of Education in the Lasallian tradition at Tangaza, and accredited by St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. The group also had the opportunity to meet with Twinning representatives from Lasallian ministries throughout Kenya.

“African enculturation classes in the morning and field work in the afternoon. Learned a lot and found a lot of common elements between the African cultures and religions and Mexican and Native American cultures and religions. We will be heading to other parts of the country tomorrow and hopefully be able to apply what we have learned. On the list of places are Rongai, Mwangaza, and Nakuru.”  – Abel Gutierrez

Special thanks to Abel Gutierrez for posting photo galleries throughout the Summit.