wide angle shot of the Rift Valley


From Nairobi to Nakuru, the Summit group headed “up-country” from Tangaza College to Rongai Agricultural and Technical Secondary School. A pit-stop on the way to view the picturesque Rift Valley provided a photo opportunity. Time spent with the students and faculty at the technical school just outside the city limits in the town of Rongai, provided great conversation on the Twinning program. Mwangaza College and the Bishop Ndingi Skills Training Centre would be the delegation’s host for the evening. The group was greeted by a delicious welcome dinner prepared by the culinary arts students of the College.


Tomorrow, time at Mwangaza, and then the Child Discovery Centre outreach program.

Photos of Nairobi before heading out to Nakuru. Provided by Abel Gutierrez


Photos of the Great Rift Valley, and the Rongai Agri-Tech School. Provided by Abel Gutierrez