Eunice and David were hosts for some of the participants as the Twinning summit had an amazing experience at CDC today.

The Twinning Summit participants began their day with a wonderful breakfast provided by the community at Mwangaza College. The group visited with Br. Antone Ontango Oloo, FSC, the Principal of Mwangaza College and Sector coordinator of Kenya, and the rest of the administration to discuss the Twinning program, and the realities faced by Mwangaza students. Clearly Twinning supports students in the completion of their degree by providing much needed financial assistance. The delegation was invited by 3 students to visit their homes. The homes were 6′ x 12′, with dirt floors, tin roofs, and no running water, sanitation facilities or electricity. Two of the students who invited the Summit group, share one of these homes, but explained they are filled with hope because they are attending this Lasallian college.  They know that their education will provide them with opportunities once they graduate, but for now life can be a daily struggle.

The delegation then spent the afternoon at the Child Discovery Center (CDC). This Lasallian center works directly with children who have been abandoned or orphaned, and are living on the streets and slums of Nakuru. The Center is located within view of Lake Nakuru and provides a tranquil location for the students. The students performed songs, poetry, and dance for the Summit group, and acted as tour guides of the facilities, including Eunice and David (above).  In conversation with the Summit group, the students shared how the Center has “saved their lives.”

Photos at Mwangaza College, inside the homes of students, and at the Child Discovery Center. Provided by Abel Gutierrez