bill-wolffIt is amazing to be half way around the world, in a very unfamiliar land that is at times as confusing and even frightening as it is welcoming and beautiful, and yet find so many familiar things in the schools and programs of the Christian Brothers. The young people we’ve met face daily living conditions that are beyond my ability to comprehend. They possess incredible strength, resilience, gentleness, and durability that frankly, I would not think possible under the circumstances.

This hot dog vendor was once a street boy and went through St. Mary's school. He has since started his own business and keeps an eye out for the children in the neighborhood and the school.

On this trip, I have realized my limited understanding of other cultures and how that can easily influence my perceptions. There is so much to learn…and that is exciting.


We are blessed to be part of an Institute willing to do whatever it takes to serve those in need!

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