Phil RofranoMembers of the Twinning Summit were able to visit several houses of formation and ministries in the Kenya Sector of the District of Lwanga. However, the most powerful moments, I believe, were the visits into the “slums”, where we were accompanied by faculty members or alumni who have lived in these very poor areas. Huts are constructed of corrugated metal, or wood, or wood and mud or a combination of all three. Large families live in a single room with no electricity or water. Water has to be purchased, and they have to pay to use a common toilet, or collect waste in a plastic bag and dispose of it in a network of open pits that serve as sewers. In spite of this, the residents have deep faith, hope for the future, and care enough about each other to share what little they have. St. Mary’s Child Rescue and the Child Discovery Centre are Lasallian programs that serve youngsters from these areas.

 Another home for the students. This one is shared by two of them.

We are blessed to be part of an Institute willing to do whatever it takes to serve those in need!

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