The 15 members of the eighth grade class met 170 benefactors of The De La Salle School at the Garden City Country Club Wednesday,  October 22.  All were there for the Seventh Annual Ladies’ Luncheon.  The eighth graders welcomed the guests to the country club and escorted them to their seats.  Many of the ladies commented on how much they enjoyed this touch of chivalry and were appreciative of the way the De La Salle students acted like gentleman.  The students, although initially a bit nervous, found the experience to be a good one as well.  Jerry remarked, “Now I know better how to conduct myself with adults.”  Kevin commented, “I enjoyed seeing someone smile when I did something small for her.”  Manny said it best when he observed, “It surprised me to see so many people who care about us.”

Author Naomi Schaefer Riley addressed the adults sharing insights from her book, Opportunity and Hope.  The book describes the significant impact attendance at schools like The De La Salle School has on young people who, without the help of benefactors, have no options about where to go to school.  Indeed, The De La Salle School is a place that provides opportunities within an environment where students and their families can rediscover hope that transcends wishful thinking.

103014 Ladies LuncheonLater in the program the students took turns pulling the winning tickets for the day’s prizes. The young man who selected the ticket delivered the item to the lucky winner.  In the cash raffle the first prize of $1,000 went to Dr. Gail Dougherty of Brooklyn.  Ms. Carole Hess of Garden City won the second prize of $500 and Mrs. Susan Cappiello of Bellerose received the $250 third prize.