Strambi News November 2014

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Bull Savannah, Jamaica

Dear Brothers and Lasallian Colleagues,

I am happy to share with you the first monthly e-newsletter of St. Vincent Strambi Catholic High School, the newest ministry of DENA that we began to administer in September 2013.

The new school year began on September 1st with 136 students in Forms 1 to 5 or Grades 7 to 11 and sixteen teachers, including our two volunteers: Brian Clarke and Richard Ward. Later, Brother John McDonnell and Andrew Robinson joined us.

The football and netball teams participate in the Independent School League in the Rural Division and we are currently in mid-season. We are proud of the teams’ accomplishments and look forward to a playoff spot in both sports.

A retreat program was initiated last month with the twenty Form 5 students traveling to Mt. Calvary Retreat Center in Mandeville, Manchester for a day of reflection on the theme of “Gifts” directed by Brian Clarke and Richard Ward.

We are grateful to our benefactors for donating the funds necessary to run both the sports and retreat programs.

In early September, the students enthusiastically welcomed the delivery on campus of a new 2014 silver Nissan 15-passenger “bus” courtesy of the Diocese of Mandeville.

Thank you, Lasallians, for your prayers and support of our ministry in the West Indies!

Sincerely in our Patrons, St. John Baptist De La Salle and St. Vincent Strambi,
Brother Gus