who-dunnit-printingWhen you are 80+ years of age and you have been publishing a community newspaper for 13 years, you start to think: if I do not do it, it will perish.  Really, there is nothing to worry about because our staff is an all volunteer staff. Many of them over the years have come to our meetings with messages like “I am moving to Phoenix.” and, “Brother, you will now be the Managing Editor.” That’s how I got this job 13 years ago. Amazing. This modus operandi reminds me of De La Salle quote about one thing leading to another and if he had known he would not have done it.

We saturate the community with 14,000 copies each month packed with valuable information about community events, school news, zoning and road developments, local business and agriculture stories. Local is our focus.

I seek to balance the practical with entertainment and human interest. On Valentine’s Day this year we ran a great story about chocolate called  “Cocoa Love.” Did you know that the biggest chocolate selling season of the year trumping both Valentine’s Day and Easter is Halloween? Trick or Treat!

We are no strangers to national recognition. We have produced a paper that received 3rd place nationally for General Excellence, Monthly Division, from the National Newspaper Association.

I love being retired.  Who Am I?


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