Holy-Water-Who-Dunnit-01-2015I believe it was the famous English poet, John Keats, who requested that instead of his name on his tombstone he wanted the phrase: “here lies the one whose name was writ in water.”

Most of my life I’ve lived not far from the water. I was born in easy reach of the East River, New York City; bred on the east side of Narragansett Bay and in my early life as a Christian Brother I ministered along the Hudson and the Merrimack rivers. Later, when I found the people I have most loved in my life, far across the sea in Africa, I spend 20 years at a Minor Seminary on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Is it any wonder that I have always loved to swim and be at home in pool, river, lake and sea? It goes along with my love for sports especially basketball that I shared always with those special students in Africa. Often those stars reached the national school boys finals – something I will never forget.

Sitting by the sea these days on home leave is nostalgic as I recall all the places and especially the wonderful students that have touched my life in such descriptive programs as Skill Training Center for women in tailoring, hair styling and fashion design or the School for Nomads that needs no description.

I would not say my name is written in water but I do claim my whole life has been covered with Holy Water.

Who am I?


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