Day-One-Human-Trafficking-RILAG-013115Providence, RI – The Rhode Island Lasallian Association Group (RILAG) is hosting Peg Langhammer, the Executive Director of the Day One program, for its meeting on Tuesday evening, 10 February 2015. This is the second time that the group has explored the topic. At a meeting last March Sister Mary Reilly, RSM, presented to the group on the reality of human trafficking in Rhode Island, its effects on the young people involved, and attempts to awaken police, government leaders, and the hotel industry to the reality of human trafficking.

Day One has as its Mission: to reduce the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence as well as to support and advocate for those affected by it. Day One is the only agency in Rhode Island that is specifically organized to deal with issues of sexual assault as a community concern. It provides treatment, intervention, education, advocacy, and prevention services to Rhode Islanders of all ages—from preschool children to elderly adults. Additionally, it advocates for public policy initiatives and systemic changes that positively impact how Rhode Island families handle sexual abuse cases. From sexual assault on college campuses to the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), Day One is addressing the issues that are affecting Rhode Island communities and leading the effort to provide real solutions for both victims and those at risk.