Dear Brothers and Lasallian Colleagues,

Happy Palm Sunday and Holy Week!

The focus of this newsletter is the Bull Savannah Lasallian Community consisting of six Brothers and two volunteers. Our day begins with 6:45 AM Mass celebrated in the Church, which is attached to the Brothers Community House, and celebrated by Fr. Zacchaeus (Zack), a Kenyan-born priest of the Diocese of Mandeville. Morning Prayer follows at 7:15 AM in the community chapel; then down to the dining room for breakfast and coffee before the 8:02 school bell rings. We are back in the community at 9:32 AM for a 30 minute break, which can be either some fresh fruit, coffee, tea or a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs. Warmed leftovers or a sandwich is the stable for the 30 minute lunch beginning at 12:08. Evening Prayer begins at 5:00 PM, followed by a social and dinner. We are fortunate to have a parishioner, Sharon Hall, as a laundress, housekeeper and dinner cook. Four two-person dish crews are responsible for doing the evening dishes. On weekends, members of the community relax around the house, watching cable television, or listening to music, while the athletic ones walk to the Alligator Pond for lunch and refreshments or drive to Treasure Beach for a swim. Some attend Sunday Liturgy at the St Vincent Strambi Church while others travel to the Cathedral of St. Paul of the Cross in Mandeville. We welcome you to Come-See and experience a wonderful experience of God and Community in the Caribbean!

Sincerely in our Patrons St. John Baptist De La Salle and St. Vincent Strambi,
Brother Gus