Br. Peter Iarlano, FSC

Br. Peter Iorlano, FSC

Coordinator of Institutional Values
Bethlehem University – Palestinian Territories, Jerusalem

Growing up, Peter thought he would become a doctor, but, while being around other Brothers in high school and volunteering at programs for delinquent youth, he realized his passion was in the religious community. “I believe it’s what God has called me to do with my life,” he said of his 20 year career with the De La Salle Christian Brothers. For over a decade, Peter has devoted himself to Bethlehem University as Coordinator of Institutional Values and occasional English or Psychology teacher, working with a diverse inter-faith student body comprised of Muslims, Greek Orthodox, Armenians, Latin Catholic, and others at retreats, masses, and pilgrimages to holy sites. Before that, Peter was a teacher and social worker at Ocean Tides and has acted as Vocation and Formation Director and Auxiliary Visitor.


Brother Charles Kitson, FSC, called Peter “a deeply spiritual man” and “the consummate brother” and praised his mix of humor and down to earth common sense. Brother Jack Curran, FSC, described Peter as a man dedicated to his faith and community: “he seeks to be engaged with students, to encourage them to come to know themselves and to believe in themselves and to know and love God as well.”