Michael J. Folts

Buffalo, NY St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute is proud to announce that alumnus and social studies teacher Michael J. Folts ’98 has been named Vice Principal of Student Affairs.

As VPSA, Michael will be responsible for fostering relationships within the St. Joe’s community that are consistent with the school’s Lasallian educational tradition. In collaboration with the administrative team, he will establish and maintain a quality academic environment where school policies and procedures are adhered to and there is a climate of self-growth and responsibility.

Michael was named VPSA after Brother Christopher Belleman, FSC, who previously held the role, was named Principal of St. Joe’s earlier this year.

“Over his 13 years at St. Joe’s, Mike has demonstrated a genuine affinity for the students in which he is entrusted to educate. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty, serving in various service roles. He models the behavior and lifestyle that we encourage our students to embody and truly seeks to help each student become a gentleman of faith, character and integrity,” said Brother Christopher Belleman, FSC. “We are proud to announce his appointment as VPSA and look forward to all that the future holds.”

Before being appointed to the role of VPSA, Michael served as a social studies teacher and chairman of the department. As chairman, Michael led the implementation of the Advanced Placement World History course for freshman and sophomore students. He has also held many non-academic positions including JV Soccer Coach, Varsity Soccer Coach, Freshman Soccer Coach, mock trial moderator, Varsity Singers moderator and various committee roles.

“As a student at St. Joe’s, Mike was serious, conscientious and involved in a variety of activities from our Varsity Soccer Team to full participation with our annual Food Basket Drive. As a teacher, his passion for St. Joe’s, for our students, and our mission has continued as evidenced by the many and varied coaching, volunteer and mentoring roles that he has held during his tenure here,” said Robert T. Scott, AFSC, president of St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute.