Religion Teacher, Lasallian Animator
St. Raymond High School for Boys – Bronx, NY


Ms. Christine Russo

“Your zeal towards the children you teach would not have much success if it limited itself only to words. To be effective, your teaching must be supported by your example.” According to Br. Richard Galvin, FSC, Christine Russo fulfills this entreaty by John Baptist de La Salle through her outlook, personality, and passion.

Christine, a Bronx native who combines zeal for the Lasallian practice with a creative eye, was educated at the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies over the course of three years and is versed in the life and work of John Baptist de La Salle. An educator at St. Raymond High School for Boys since 2002, she teaches five classes of junior Religion with emphasis on morality and the sacraments in addition to a senior art elective. She also puts her Bachelor’s degree from the School of Visual Arts to good use as the Lasallian Animator. In particular, Br. Richard, who works with her at St. Raymond, has noted her exuberant decoration of her classroom, her desire to introduce and share her favorite music with her students, and her hobby of baking and designing elaborate cakes, which have been featured at many faculty events. Christine also volunteers at St. Raymond’s annual open house, working closely with the student tour guides and training them to receive potential enrollees.

Br. Richard described her personable, friendly and outgoing and observed how the love and respect she has for her students starts with her greetings each morning and continues outside of the classroom. “She is an animated teacher who loves her boys,” said Br. Richard. “She attempts on a daily basis to touch the hearts of her students as St. La Salle suggested, balancing her words and actions with the tenderness of a mother and the strictness of a father.”