Washington, DC – This summer, 32 North American and Spanish Christian Brothers, including seven from DENA set out on a pilgrimage of discernment. The Together as Brothers – Camino de Santiago 2015 Video shares their vocational journey and the invitation to explore religious life and the life of the Brothers. During National Vocation Awareness Week  and throughout the year may it be a resource to you and those you walk with in exploring and fostering a culture of vocations!

DENA Brothers & Contacts

Manuel Baez,

Bronx, NY

Br. David Deradoorian
Bronx, NY
St. Raymond HS

Andrew Garoppo,

Ambler, PA

Luke Koski,

Towson, MD

Br. Anwar Martinez
New York, NY
La Salle Academy

Br. Gus Nicoletti
Bronx, NY
Manhattan College

Chris Sullivan,

Toronto, Canada


For more on National Vocation Awareness Week, visit the Christian Brothers regional vocation website, BrothersVocation.org

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