Dear Brothers, Lasallian Colleagues and Friends,

In my last letter in the Strambi News I mentioned the lack of rain. I am happy to report that even though we did not get our usual rains, we have received some showers the past three weeks and as a result our dry, dusty compound is green and lush. Our task is to keep the students away from our mango trees so that we can benefit from their harvest rather than them! Our upper Form students are registering for the all-important national exams while the younger students still try to adjust to the relative discipline and academic rigor of this school as compared to their previous educational institutions. Our teachers, too, attempt each day to educate the young who are more visual and interactive as a result of the technological changes that even effect small islands in the middle of the Caribbean. Our task as administrators and educators is to introduce technology into our classrooms in a seamless fashion that enhances learning rather than distracts from it. We are making small steps in this direction through the use of a few laptops, classroom projectors, and a SMART Board type of device. Technology will become part of our teacher’s educational repertoire when it becomes as easy and convenient to use as a chalkboard. To this end our efforts in technology aim to make the technology we have user friendly in the classroom as well as providing our teachers with mini-courses on the use of computers and visuals in the classroom. We rely on your help, certainly your prayers but also your financial or material contributions to assist us in this task. The need for the Institute in Jamaica is very great.

Brother James